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Can we call this kid a G-bagger?

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If you haven’t heard, this weekend there were riots at the G-20 summit in Toronto. (It’s a city in Canada. Seriously, I checked!) The protesters were just like teabaggers, except their violent, destructive lawlessness wasn’t imaginary.

Here’s a young man learning what can happen when you try to take things that don’t belong to you:

No word yet whether the kid in the hoodie has sued this TRUE CANADIAN HERO for getting broken glass in his tushie, and if so, how much a Canadian court has awarded him.

One reason this TRUE CANADIAN HERO had to take matters into his own hands was because the Toronto police kinda didn’t do a good job stopping people from committing crimes right in front of them:

Yes, that flaming wreck in the background is a cop car. It’s a car that cops ride around in. Well, it was. Now it’s just a symbol.

Maybe the city’s tourism board can take advantage of this: “Toronto: It’s a Riot!”

(Hat tip: Power Line)

Jim Treacher