NY ‘spy’ life was double-o heaven

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She came from Russia, with love.

The sexy suspected spy who the feds say was sent to New York to gather intel on the United States adored the American way of life and took full advantage of it — for business and pleasure.

“Anna Chapman” sidled up to power players while hobnobbing at society functions, charity events and book openings in slinky designer outfits. It was her apparent way of collecting information to send back to her native Russia — but she also enjoyed going out clubbing, blogging and seeing the sights.

During her two years in the Big Apple, she frequented New York hotspots like the Thompson Hotel, Greenhouse and Juliet — and even spent some time visiting the Statue of Liberty.

“America is a free country. Over here, it is easy to meet successful people. In Moscow, it is practically impossible because you have to be as successful as they are . . . here you can meet successful people on the street and go have dinner with them,” she said in a video interview posted on her Facebook page, where she lists 180 friends.

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