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Portland cops explain how they botched the Al Gore case the first time

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Police in Portland, Ore., revived their investigation into sexual assault allegations against former vice president Al Gore after his accuser came forward publicly and police acknowledged they had failed to follow standard procedures before dropping an earlier inquiry…

Investigators typically interview potential corroborating witnesses and anyone accused, veteran law enforcement officers say, and also consult with prosecutors. In this case, officers interviewed the woman, Molly Hagerty, producing 53-page account, and then dropped the case without doing any additional investigation or interviews, concluding there was insufficient evidence to proceed. They did not seek Gore’s account or consult with the county district attorney’s office before closing the case, they confirmed, which a Portland Police Bureau representative said they should have done.

So it wasn’t because of anything she did or didn’t do? How about that.

I hereby declare this the Al Gore theme song (WARNING: Saucy language):

Jim Treacher