Spies? Perhaps. Bad parents? The evidence says no

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Among the 11 people arrested this week on suspicions of espionage were four couples, which brought much about their suburban lives into question — except, perhaps, for their parenting.

By all accounts, the four sets of parents who are accused of being Russian spies raised seven children without fault.

In Montclair, N.J., Kate Murphy, 11, and her sister Lisa, 7, rode matching blue bicycles and had water balloon fights on the streets. In Yonkers, Juan José Lázaro Jr., 17, practiced for his piano recitals in the family’s living room. In Arlington, Va., Patricia Mills and Michael Zottoli doted on their little boys. Tracey Foley and Donald Heathfield had a son in college and another at home in Cambridge, Mass.

But with their parents in detention, the children face the trauma of separation, confusion over the true identities of their parents and the prospect of an uncertain future. Who will raise them while their parents are gone?

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