Wasted riches

Jerry Maldonado Contributor
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It never seems to amaze me how the press uses the world’s stage to preach the Robin Hood theory knowing billions are watching. Perhaps I was credulous to think that the World Cup would be excluded from such a socialist message, but I was wrong.

Even as some of the worlds best duke it out on the field a headline story appears about protesters marching demanding more aid to Africa. Perhaps the assignment editor had a slow news day and wanted to show a bunch of sweaty marchers and felt sorry for them? Or perhaps this was the perfect stage to offer a short infomercial? Who knows, but I will be nice and not call this move political.

One thing that was not mentioned in this so-called mercenary protest was the billions that have been pledged to countries like Africa. All the while, most seem to disappear to warlords and corrupt governments while the majority starves. Yet America is and will always be the golden goose that keeps donating with the same miserable results year after year.

Then there is Afghanistan. This prehistoric country has been offered a gift with billions of their own resources that could potentially turn this country into another Dubai. My question is, will the people of this country get paid for such riches, or will all the corrupt components come out of the woodwork and follow the same pattern as other nations? You be the judge.

All I know, and this is coming from some little columnist with a big mouth, is our nation needs to be paid back. The billions we have spent and the blood of our soldiers sits right on top their so-called resources.

Most important, let us not forget Iraq that sits on a potential ocean of oil and even more blood from our heroes are spread throughout their land. When will this end? Too many people have given life and limb to help others create wealth and freedom for corrupt nations.

American politicians should consider our needs and those who help this nation in so many ways. We should not have a foreign policy if our own country will go broke in the process. Too many hard working people are suffering as a result of Washington’s crap shoot to restore world order to nations who just don’t care.

We see it in our border policy, the pacifying efforts our politicians follow, and innocent people getting killed or maimed for nothing. All the while the press uses the opportunity to run puff pieces asking for more aid when we can’t even pay our bills.

The outcome most certainly will be bleak until America starts producing and stops importing. That task will not be accomplished until a Patton or Reagan-like leader takes hold of this country and restores it to it’s once glorious self.

Jerry Scott Maldonado is the author of “Columns, Quotes & The American Dream.” Tate Publishing Group, due out October 2010. He is a featured columnist for The D.C.G Network of news sites: Sundaynewscape.com, Onequestionnews.com, and Imperialvalleynews.com. Jerry’s work has also been featured internationally._