4G cellphones may not fit in the corporate world

interns Contributor

The introduction of 4G phones marks a significant advancement for the smartphone world, but how that fits into the corporate world isn’t obvious yet.

There are two different trends underway here, and both are intersecting in interesting ways. That’s “interesting” as in the Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times.”

The first trend involves the improvements in technology at each new generation (G) of cellular phone technology. Each new generation adds something new to the previous generation, while also making all phones in different generations incompatible. While 2G phones allowed digital transmission compared with 1G’s analog, 3G technology allowed Internet access and multimedia. That has been followed over the past year by 4G technology, which greatly improves transmission speeds of data. Most phones are still relatively slow compared with computers, but the primary reason for the difference in performance is the trade-off of battery life vs. speed–no one wants to charge his smartphone every two hours.

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