DC on TV: Jon Ward talks Obama’s agenda, Steele’s gaffes

interns Contributor
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Senior White House reporter Jon Ward paid a visit to the Fox News studios just down the street from Union Station in Washington, D.C. to talk good ‘ole American politics — on the Fourth of July. Now that’s patriotism.

Ward discussed whether President Obama’s agenda is too full — like every American’s belly on July 5 — and why the administration has failed to focus on jobs.

Ward also offered his take on whether recent political gaffes from Republicans will hurt their chances in November.

Ward also discussed the much-criticized comments by RNC chairman Michael Steele, who described the war in Afghanistan as “a war of Obama’s choosing” and suggested that it may be unwinnable. Several prominent Republicans have since called for Steele to step down, though most signs from the RNC indicate he will stay on as chairman.