New global outsourcing hub – Wyoming?

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When it comes to call centers filled with English-speaking employees, India likely comes to mind. Not a tiny town in Wyoming called Ten Sleep, population about 300.

What Ten Sleep has is not, exactly, a call center. Instead, the town is home to a teaching center that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There, American teachers provide real-time video English lessons to thousands of students in classrooms across Asia via high-speed fiber optic networks.

Ten Sleep isn’t the only small Wyoming town that has a center: So does Cody, Powell, Lovell and nearly a half dozen other communities across the state. They’re owned by Eleutian Technology, a company that is using the internet to bring jobs once outsourced to cheap labor in the East to back to unemployed Americans in the West.

“This is more of an ‘insourcing’ phenomenon,” said Robert Grady, managing director of Cheyenne Capital Fund, which invested $10 million in Eleutian in February. “We are creating jobs by helping the development and emergence of the high growth economies in Asia. We are the fastest private employer in Wyoming, and we are hiring at a time when job creation is priority number one.”

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