Meter maids paid to guard colleagues’ cars

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What a waste!

The NYPD allows up to two traffic agents per shift to personally guard the private vehicles of fellow meter monitors in the Westchester Square neighborhood of The Bronx.

On the taxpayers’ dime, the meter-agents-turned-security-guards — who make an average $36,500 a year — spend their whole shifts standing on the corner of St. Raymond and East Tremont avenues, occasionally patrolling the 15 or so cars parked there by colleagues.

The Post recently observed every one of the cars parked all day at expired, two-hour coin meters — clearly in violation of parking-meter regulations — but not one ticket was issued.

The meter guards don't even bother to carry their ticket-writing machines.

“[The agents say], ‘These are our cars — we get courtesy just like the police get courtesy,’ ” when it comes to parking, local businessman Raymond Lopez said.

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