Psychic pets

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Paul the ‘psychic’ octopus

An English-born octopus accurately predicted not only the outcome of the World Cup final, but six other matches leading up to the final. According to The Guardian, the octopus, who resides in Germany, began receiving death threats after he predicted Spain’s win over Germany. He makes his predictions by choosing to eat the mussels placed in one of two boxes, each adorned with a country’s flag. Paul’s accuracy has caused hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers to check out his predictions in amazement.

Pino the chimp

After Paul’s World Cup success, an Estonian Zoo asked a chimpanzee named Pino to pick between two paper bags containing snacks, each with either a Spanish or Dutch flag. According to the Associated Foreign Press, Pino instantly picked the Netherlands’ bag. Too bad.

Harry the crocodile

An Australian crocodile named Harry picked Spain to win the World cup by choosing to eat the chicken under the Spanish flag rather than the Dutch flag. Oddly enough, Mick Burns, owner of the park where Harry lives, predicted the result exactly after watching the crocodile make his choice: “It’s going to be a close and aggressive game with a 1-0 result for Spain.” Go figure.

The Guardian wants to know: do YOU have a psychic pet?