Where in the world is Roman Polanski? [SLIDESHOW]

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The decision by Swiss authorities not to extradite Roman Polanski to the United States to face sentencing for having sex with a teenage girl over 30 years ago means the famed actor/director is a free man. His freedom, however, comes with a price.

The director remains a fugitive who could be arrested should he leave France or travel to other countries that have extradition agreements with the United States.

Unfortunately, there is only so much to do in France and eventually, one is bound to get cabin fever. Lucky for Polanski, there are a number of countries that currently have no USA extradition treaty. Should Polanski choose to travel to any of these countries, he would be unable to be arrested and returned to the United States.

Check out 11 countries that would make prime vacation spots for Polanski, should he ever choose to venture outside of France:

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