Which GOP Senate hopeful is Jon Gosselin’s twin?

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Much to his chagrin (we assume), Florida GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio looks a lot like reality TV celebrity Jon Gosselin.  Well, at least the old-school version of Gosselin, before his string of gaudy girlfriends, tacky tattoos, and Ed Hardy t-shirts could be found on the cover of every supermarket magazine.

Both Gosselin and Rubio have had impressive ascents into the national spotlight.  Formerly of TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” Gosselin went from regular Joe to tabloid celebrity thanks to his eight kids and disastrous divorce from wife Kate Gosselin.  Rubio took a more dignified path into the headlines:  serving in the Florida legislature before scaring current governor and fellow Senate hopeful Charlie Crist out of the Sunshine State’s GOP primary.

Although Gosselin has so far beaten Rubio in the kid category — with eight to Rubio’s four — there’s no denying that when it comes to love, Rubio takes the cake.  His wife Jeanette is a total babe. The former Miami Dolphins cheerleader would have certainly picked up more votes than Kate Gosselin did during her unfortunate stint on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

It turns out Gosselin and Rubio maybe don’t have much in common other than looks, which is probably a good thing for Rubio and those anxious for his arrival in Washington.

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