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Ask Matt Labash how to live like a liberal

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That’s the subject of his latest Weekly Standard cover story. Can you guess what it’s called? That’s right: “Living Like a Liberal.” Hint: It sucks and it’s not much fun! Living like a liberal, I mean. Not Labash’s story, which is much fun and does not suck.

And if you still haven’t had enough Labash for one day, which you haven’t, go read the latest “Ask Matt Labash.” This week, he tells us why Tucker Carlson should run for president. I hope he does, because I’ve always wanted to be the White House Press Secretary. I can do a much better job of lying for my boss than Robert Gibbs can. Check it out:

Tucker Carlson has never, ever pistol-whipped a Daily Caller employee — let’s say, oh, a blogger — in an alley. Or anywhere else, for that matter. But especially not in an alley.

I know you can’t see it, but I had a totally straight face when I typed that. Somber, even.

You know, that might be a good idea for Gibbs. Wouldn’t you find him a lot easier to believe if White House press briefings were text-only? No more stammering, for one thing. And his creepy, condescending attempts at humor might actually work better when removed from his inept delivery. I know mine do. Just think it over, Bob!

P.S. Hey, look who doesn’t get it!

Jim Treacher