Fox News host Glenn Beck for president? ‘Main Street Bites Back’ says, ‘Yes!’

Chris Moody Contributor
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A group called “Main Street Bites Back” released a video that is quickly going viral and calls on Fox News host Glenn Beck to run against President Obama in 2012.

And yes, they’re serious.

Featuring an extreme close-up shot of platinum blond, Connecticut-based conservative activist Robin Marie Potwora wearing a orange-brimmed straw hat and standing in front of an American flag, the video announces the start of a petition campaign that the group hopes will convince Beck to make a run.

Potwora told The Daily Caller that she got the idea from fellow activists who said they were tired of career politicians running things in Washington. It wasn’t long before she decided that Beck was the candidate they had been searching for.

“I’m watching his show one night and I had an epiphany. That’s it! I thought,” Potwora said. “There is no other person in recent times that have done so much to empower everyday Americans, and for that we thank Glenn Beck.”

Potwora claims in the video that since Glenn Beck is not interested in running for president, he would make a great candidate because George Washington also didn’t want to run initially. “Glenn Beck is our generation’s George Washington,” she said.

The group plans to present the petition to Beck in January, although Potwora would not specify exactly how they planned to put it on his radar. One way or another she plans on bring it to his attention.

“I expect a response from him,” she said.

To raise money, the site is selling dog tags carrying the Main Street Bites Back logo and pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution, but Potwora declined to say who is funding the site.

Potwora has long had her hand in local political activism, and was formerly involved with a movement to stop a smoking ban in her home state.


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