Immigration lawsuit reveals democratic fears

Heather Bachman Contributor
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Although America has already shown a historic height of dissatisfaction regarding our current president, the most alarming rejection is recently coming from a very surprising sector of politics: members of his own party.  In a recent White House meeting, the nation’s democrat governors grumbled against the recent legal attack on Arizona for its newest immigration enforcement law S.B. 1070. Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen said, “Universally the governors are saying, ‘We’ve got to talk about jobs,’ and all of a sudden we have immigration going on.”

While the statement may bring a sigh of relief to some who are happy to see that at least our state leaders know what really needs attention, deeper within their rejection of the lawsuit you see nothing but the dangerous hunger of the liberals. Despite this lawsuit being an example of a nation attacking itself from within during an already challenging time, it wasn’t the action that the governors are snubbing, it was the timing of the action so close to November of 2010.

It is not problematic that the lawsuit involved an already approved federal law that a state government saw being unused and decided to activate it for its and the nation’s safety. The timing of its announcement and proceedings is dangerous.   Already the words “Democrat” and “incumbent” are dire terms when it comes to the pending November elections.  It seems now, at least to the democrats, the phrase “immigration lawsuit” may be joining the anti-electoral mix for their reasons however and not the right ones.

Despite the aggression being felt from within their party, the fight against Arizona not only continues; it escalates.  At the same time of the meeting, Attorney General Eric Holder stated during an interview that another lawsuit regarding prospective racial profiling is being considered.  This is despite the law actually dictating against racial profiling and, as said before, saying nothing more than what a disregarded federal law had already established.

It is not the timing of the lawsuit Democrats up for re-election should worry about, but the lawsuit itself as well as the related attacks against Arizona from speeches and additional lawsuits.  A recent Quinnipiac University poll stated 51 percent support SB-1070, 45 percent believe it is a step to reduce illegal immigration, and 76 percent oppose any and all boycotts against Arizona.  Hence, it is the lawsuit that is the error, not the timing.

Why are they not against the lawsuit as a whole? Because they see the polls and the people who are outside of their office doors ready to vote against them in November. It is not just Obama who will be rewarded by amnesty, but all Democrats.  Hence, once again the Democratic Party has shown us they have no problem being against us as long as at means the possibility of re-election.   Whether it’s the fact that the nation is literally attacking one of its own or the timing of the announcement and proceedings, the only real action we are seeing is a continuation of a frivolous lawsuit from people who claim to be the party of the Americans.  While they may scream that they know what we need in the end, actions speak louder than words and their current activity screams one word and one word only: AMNESTY.

Heather Bachman, Political Editor of Parcbench.com and New Policy Director for Frontiers of Freedom, is an increasingly recognized political strategist and analyst and producer and host of the Internet radio program Heather on the Hill.