Palin promises “contemplation and prayer” over whether to run in 2012

Jon Ward Contributor
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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said, in a radio interview posted online Wednesday, that she will think and pray long and hard about whether to run for president in 2012.

“I don’t want to hurt the cause. I don’t want to divide the nation. There’s going to be a lot of contemplation and prayer that goes into a decision like that between now and ’12,” Palin said, in a radio interview Tuesday with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“My concentration is going to be on these midterms to help turn this country around,” Palin said.

Speculation over whether Palin will run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 has intensified of late, fueled by a fundraising report filed Sunday that showed a haul of $865,000 in the second quarter of this year, most of it from small donors.

Palin showed a willingness during the Hannity interview to critique the Republican leadership in Congress, calling on them to outline their platform in advance of this fall’s midterm elections, something the GOP has been reluctant to do out of political convenience.

“Now is the time to articulate that alternative agenda for Americans, so they can have faith that ‘No, this isn’t just the party of no,’ even though there’s nothing wrong with saying no to the Democrat leftist agenda that is harming this nation,” Palin said.

Hannity also asked Palin about the NAACP’s resolution Tuesday calling on the Tea Party movement to condemn racism within the movment. Palin called the resolution “a very sad effort to divide the nation.”

“I don’t know any Tea Party American who would choose to judge a man or a woman based on skin tone or gender or anything else, except to judge based on character and based on a work ethic and the principles that someone would hold dear,” Palin said.

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