Can it get any worse for Fergie?

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Sarah Ferguson has enjoyed her share of ups and downs during her royal and post-royal careers. Well – downs, mostly.

Like Caroline of Brunswick, the impetuous and unwanted wife of George IV, who unsuccessfully begged for admission to his coronation in Westminster Abbey in 1821, the Duchess of York is one of the great loose cannons of the Hanoverian-Windsor era. Cut away from the Royal Family, which once greeted her, like the young Lady Diana Spencer, as a breath of democratic fresh air, she has spent the last two decades seemingly rolling around the deck, smashing into this and that, leaving a trail of wreckage, usually financial, strewn in her flame-haired wake.

No stranger to humiliation (Texans, toe-sucking, etc), she has, to put it mildly, struggled to attain the position in the nation’s affections she has so long desired. But even by Fergie’s exceptional standards, her unwitting flirtation with the gentlemen from the News of the World was a disaster of magnificent proportions. To be secretly filmed in a hotel room drunkenly touting your ex-royal status for half a million pounds to a reporter posing as a shady foreign businessman is one thing. To be secretly filmed offering the shady businessman access to your Royal former husband, the fourth in line to the throne, for the same amount is quite another.

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