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I’ve already mentioned Keith Olbermann’s tweets about my favorite day at the Daily Caller so far, but they’re so wonderful, they deserve to be reproduced here:

Regarding these last two tweets, click here to read the article that Keith is so very proud of digging up. Here’s the relevant portion (emphasis mine):

Conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson has won rights to the domain name TuckerCarlson.com…

TuckerCarlson.com was registered in 2003. The domain points to a DomainSponsor parking page including links to “The Tucker Carlson Show” and “Tucker MSNBC”. The owner of the domain name used privacy protection to mask his identity.

In general, celebrities can win UDRP decisions if they are reasonably well known and if the corresponding domain name is being used for profit (ala Jerry Seinfeld). If it is being used for criticism, such as in the case of Jerry Falwell and typo Fallwell.com, domain owners have prevailed in disputes.

“If it is being used for criticism.” Hey, what was that quote from this morning’s story? Oh yeah:

“We plan to make The Daily Caller the one-stop online shop for Keith Olbermann commentary,” said Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson.

Huh. Does commentary count as criticism? Guess we’ll see!

(Hat tip: Alec Jacobs)

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