Gun-toting celebrities [SLIDESHOW]

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America – the land of the free and the home of the brave or alternatively, the land of beautiful women and home of weapon enthusiasts. While beautiful women can be found anywhere in the country, most choose to fantasize over the women who grace our TVs and big screens, namely, the women of Hollywood.

And what’s better than an attractive woman on a larger than life screen for two or more hours at a time? An attractive woman toting an extremely deadly weapon.

20th Century Fox recently released a teaser poster for the upcoming film, “Machete”, featuring Lindsay Lohan handling a gun in a well, slightly suggestive manner.

The poster has garnered heaps of attention due to the fact that Lohan is depicted as a nun licking the barrel of the weapon. With all of Lohan’s recent court woes, this poster is certainly no help in efforts to rebuild her tarnished reputation.

However, Lohan is certainly not the first female celebrity to pose with a deadly weapon. Both Elizabeth Hurley and Bai Ling, among others have flaunted their beauty with the help of a small but deadly instrument.

Check out this slideshow of famous celebrities and their weapons of choice: