Cocktails for current events [SLIDESHOW]

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MTV’s ‘The Hills’ ended this week after six seasons. Kristin Cavallari, star of the show’s last season, said after the last episode aired that “nothing you see on TV is real.” One of Cavallari’s favorite drinks, a “Lime Green Bullfrog“, might help the cast celebrate the success of their “reality” show.

Not into the whole fake-reality-show thing? No worries. This week’s entertainment news inspires many other drink options as well.

It may not seem like reality, but it’s happening: Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are getting married. After a tumultuous relationship, 19-year-old Palin and 20-year-old Johnston announced their engagement to US Weekly. Says Bristol, “It just feels right to be family.” Bristol and Levi could celebrate with “Wedded Bliss” cocktails, if either of them was of age.

Check out these and this week’s other cocktails below: