New details emerge about Gore sexual assault case

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New details have emerged about the alleged confrontation between former Vice President Al Gore and a masseuse in Oregon. The masseuse, a one Molly Hagerty, has accused Gore of sexually assaulting her during a massage session.

The new information comes from a piece written by Todd Murphy, the Portland Tribune’s former managing editor, who took part in the decision to originally hold off on publishing the story. Although the piece does not deny nor confirm Hagerty’s charges, it does add to the narrative of what quickly became one of the most bizarre political scandals in recent memory.

For example, remember that stain on a pair of Hagerty’s pants that was supposed to prove Gore’s guilt?

TalkingPoints Memo writes:

“The notorious stain on the pants saved by an Oregon masseuse from the night she claims she was sexually assaulted by Al Gore tested negative for semen, the woman told the Portland Tribune, the weekly newspaper that first investigated her allegations.”

More interesting details about Hagerty are revealed as well. Apparently, in the beginning of the investigation, Hagerty took a lie detector test – and failed.