Why Google loves Democrats so much

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As it continues its exponential expansion to cellphones, mobile advertising, television sets and book publishing internet giant Google has been simultaneously expanding its presence in the U.S. political scene, adding lobbyists, DC-based employees, and ramping up its campaign donations.

After donating just $250 in the year 2000, Google’s employees have been handing out cash hand over fist, almost exclusively to Democrats. In the 2008 election cycle, Schmidt campaigned actively for candidate Barack Obama from very early in primaries. Schmidt and his Google colleagues donated over $800,000 to Obama’s war chest, making the company one of his top-five contributors.

The Democratic giving bias at Google has continued in the 2010 cycle. This year according to data gathered from the website OpenSecrets.org, Google employees have donated over $270,000 to Democrats and liberal campaign groups. They’ve given just $45,000 to Republicans and conservative groups.

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