Marisa Tomei against the clock

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At age 45, actress Marisa Tomei has everyone fooled.   In her most famous role in My Cousin Vinny, Tomei exclaims,  “My biological clock is ticking (foot stomp) like (foot stomp) this (foot stomp)!”   And yet, most fans are still searching for signs of aging on the actress.   Thankfully, she recently shared her secrets with the SHAPE crew on how she maintains her rockin’ bod.

Detox Your Day
Whether she’s on location for a new film or at home in Los Angeles, Marisa begins every day with the same ritual: drinking a cup of hot water with lemon. “I never got into coffee,” she says. “It may take me a little longer to get going than other people, but this just feels really cleansing in the morning.” She follows that with a boiled egg drizzled with a little olive oil or some fresh berries and granola with whole-milk yogurt. “I find that protein wakes up my brain and gets me ready for the rest of my day,” she says. To maintain that “get up and go,” Marisa keeps high protein snacks on hand. “I’m a person who has to eat!” she says. “I graze every few hours.”

Learn How to Dance!
Like a lot of women, Marisa does a variety of activities, but she’s found that a mind-body approach feels best for her. When she moved to Los Angeles she studied yoga, then moved on to belly dancing, which she says “not only keeps you in incredible shape, it’s good for women’s reproductive organs and hormones too.” That led her to Nita Rubio, a teacher of devotional dance and body movement. Once a week, Marisa attends an all-female class that combines meditation, music, and dance. “There’s such a sense of freedom,” she says. “It’s not like jogging, where you’re working on your exterior. It’s about feeling the interior and being at home in your body. Movement is truly transformative!”

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