More U.S. firms ready to start hiring

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Fifty-four percent of large U.S. businesses that laid off employees in the past year want to rebuild their workforces but some will have trouble finding sufficiently skilled people to hire, a study said on Monday.

The study by management consulting firm Accenture (ACN.N) found about half of large firms plan to return to their pre-recession levels of employment within two years and only 13 percent said they planned to reduce their workforce.

Moreover, those surveyed said they were less concerned about cost control. Companies focused primarily on cost control will decrease from 41 percent in mid-2009 to 18 percent in 2011, the study said.

U.S. companies focused primarily on investment in growth-oriented activities, such as hiring, will increase from 24 percent today to 37 percent within the next 12 months, Accenture said in a news release.

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