Q&A: Hugh Hefner talks Playboy’s role in sexual revolution

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Grab your pipe, your silk pajamas and a pneumatic blonde . . . or seven. We’re all living in Hef’s world now. “It has been suggested that in social-sexual sense we now live in a Playboy world, and I think there’s some truth to that,” says Hugh Hefner. “You can now have sex outside of marriage, nice moral kids can now live together outside of marriage, birth control is legal now, abortion is legal now. All those things were part of the sexual revolution that Playboy played a major part in.”

The 84-year-old renaissance man, who claims to be a devoted Post reader (“I read [it] every morning,” he says), is the subject of Friday’s “Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel,” a documentary from Oscar-winning director Brigitte Berman that examines the magazine founder’s clashes with the government and his role in the civil- and abortion-rights battles.

The Post phoned Hef at the Playboy Mansion, and perhaps because he’s down to just one girlfriend these days, he had time to talk.

Full story: Q&A: Hugh Hefner – NYPOST.com

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