‘Lucid’ or not, Greene worries Dems

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Alvin Greene may be the end of democracy as we know it, or else he is a throwback to a time when America and its politics were simpler.

Greene, 32, is a jobless accused felon who last month won the South Carolina Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, without having a campaign manager, a media adviser, a press secretary, a communications director, a yard sign, a slogan, a TV commercial or even — gasp — a website. It is not entirely certain that he gave a speech or even left the house much.

Yet he won by a landslide — an astonishing 18 percentage points — over four-term state legislator and former Judge Vic Rawl, who had amassed a war chest of approximately $186,000 and had a small army of volunteers. Greene had accumulated a war chest of approximately nothing and had no volunteers, except possibly his 81-year-old father, with whom he lives

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