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Ron Hart Contributor
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In 1978 the Shinnecock Indian Nation applied to be recognized by the Federal Government; the same year Roman Polanski skipped bail on rape charges. They are now getting some finality on both, so as you can see, the Feds are working through their inbox quite briskly.

As I remember history, the Native Americans lost this country when they did not heed the warning of an Arizona tribe about immigration. U.S. authorities estimate 15 million illegal immigrants are here now, but if you ask the Shinnecock Indians, that number is more like 310 million.

The Shinnecocks applied for federal recognition to “preserve ancient grounds,” but their ulterior motive is to build casinos in the Hamptons outside of New York City. To do so, they will have to deal with the more traditional area tribes who like to control the vices up there, most notable the Gambino’s, Greenbaum’s, Gotti’s and Governor David Paterson’s office.

The ritzy Hamptons live with the fear that if the casinos come they will bring something they also left New York to escape: Donald Trump. Trump will now scheme to bring his own special brand of tacky all over that venerable refuge.

White people make a show of supporting Native Americans much as they did Barack Obama—to avoid any accusations of racism. Society is too willing to give both anything, whether they deserve it or not to alleviate the guilt society places on us. We send our kids to private schools to avoid the low test scores of the “diverse” schools, but spend an awful lot of guilt time talking of our love of “diversity”—and that time they gave that Haitian guy money at the stoplight.

Liberal yuppies always seek wisdom from Native American traditions as it is presumed that any other culture is wiser, deeper and more spiritual than their own, especially if it is oddly mystic. Too they know any hint of Native American blood in them can get them into Harvard with an 850 SAT score.

Government, fond of patting itself on the back for social justice and for being the moral authority, likes to wet its beak in all aspects of vice. New York now taxes cigarettes at $11 a pack (not including the Feds take), it rakes in an inordinate amount of alcohol sales, runs the numbers in the form of state lotteries, and probably only has a “war on drugs” because it cannot figure a way to muscle a cut of that underground business. Government lost money in prostitution too when it took the Mustang Ranch. Only our government could lose money selling hookers and booze with a zero cost basis.

Gambling and the lottery are important since they are also many Americans’ retirement plan. Democrats should get their message of “Hope” out there to the Native Americans; based on their past entitlement agenda, the best way to get their new message out is with posters at local liquor stores.

The way we settle with the Native Americans is like an awful parent giving his kids booze, cigarettes and a gambling addiction to make it up to them.

“Son, I have been a scoundrel dad, but to make it up to you here is duty-free booze, cigarettes and a gambling license which includes a victimization mindset; go make something better of yourself.”

Just walk through depressing places like Indian Casinos or an inner city housing project and see what happens when we issue a perpetual victims excuse to a group and blindly throw tax money at them. It only works for the Democrats who rely on their “victim” votes.

Columnist Ron Hart and friends explore the ancient hallowed ground of Shinnecock Golf Club in June.

No doubt, the Native Americans lost some land, but you know they really should have spent less time consumed with maize and more with the advantages of gunpowder. If they did not want to be on the Atlanta Braves baseball jersey they really should have fought harder.

At least non-Native Americans have shown them respect by naming every golf course where the land was taken from the Indians after them. Shinnecock, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole etc remain a homage to the Native American where much wampum is exchanged after Nassau bets.

Always punctual and in perpetual apology mode, Congress read a resolution they passed regarding the Indian tribes “for past transgressions of war upon” them for some reason at the Congressional Cemetery. I trust when Congress was there they took note of the 535 open political graves awaiting them.

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