Washington Post blatantly attempts to destroy U.S. national security

Kerry Patton Contributor
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A recently published article titled Top Secret America by the Washington Post made a blatant attempt to destroy U.S. National Security and the U.S. Intelligence Community’s never ending attempt to ethically secure the persons of this great country. This flagrant attempt of belittling the very organizations that allows the Washington Post an opportunity to freely express itself is depressing and completely appalling!

It should be noted that the lead journalistic investigator for the Washington Post in this specific article, Dana Priest, has demonstrated immature reporting based off assumptions and total incompetence as a researcher.

It is evident from the report that the Washington Post established a direct agenda. That agenda solely lays in a socialistic fundamental of “spread the wealth and stop funding that which keeps us safe at night!”

Sadly, Priest has no appreciation of classified information. Her research was an uphill non-winnable battle in the first place. It was impossible for her to provide the truest of insight towards the secretive world of National Security simply because she lacks a security clearance and her intent was known.

Lastly, to assist Dana Priest, it should be known that just because an individual has a security clearance does not mean that they engage in intelligence related activities. Most importantly, having a clearance does not mean one will have access to any piece of classified information they may want.

Needless to say, the article is a complete waste of any true die hard American’s time. What is worth the time for any and all interested Americans are the below three key ODNI reports. These reports prove and enlighten concerned citizens about their ethical commitments in securing “We the People.”

The ODNI Fact Sheet.

The DNI’s press release pertaining the Washington Post article.

DNI truth about contractors.

Needless to say, America just witnessed another poor attempt in bringing the American people to hate any U.S. government apparatus related to National Security. Be aware America, as it is highly likely we will continue to witness liberal media attempt to destroy the very systems that keep us safe at night.

Kerry Patton served in the U.S. Defense and Justice departments, and as a contractor within the Homeland Security and State departments. He has worked in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, focusing on intelligence and security interviewing current and former terrorists, including members of the Taliban. He is the author of “Sociocultural Intelligence: The New Discipline of Intelligence Studies.”  Currently, Mr. Patton teaches for Henley Putnam University and is the Northeast Regional Director for Stand Up America www.standupamericaus.com.