Brett Favre’s interview with Men’s Journal

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Brett Favre’s career has had more ups and downs than any other player in the NFL, and he seems none the wiser for it.

In an interview in the August issue of Men’s Journal, Favre’s agent Bus Cook reveals that his client is a “drama queen,” willing to run to the media with any news rather than keep his personal obstacles to himself. For such a seasoned (though some may say overly so) NFL player, Favre should know how the media works. Yet telling Ed Werner of ESPN that he may need ankle surgery was an amateur mistake, one that elicited a messy shower of media speculation that Favre’s agent then had to clean up.

Cook doesn’t hide his frustration with Favre, using the word “goddamn” four times in a just few sentences when describing his client.  In the interview, Favre tells Men’s Journal, “I’ve learned a lot over the years. What I haven’t learned is what I’ll do and when I’ll do it,” meaning his agent’s life probably isn’t getting easier any time soon.

Read the full article in MJ’s August issue