We’re still electing them way too tall

Karen Ann DeLuca Contributor
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We elected him as a mirror,
And because he wasn’t George W. Bush,
Racially mixed, he seemed to reflect US well,
Kids and wife; finally, a First Lady with a tush!

A human Rorschach,
We projected onto him what we wanted to see,
Which has led to massive disappointment,
Because he just isn’t all that we thought him to be.

Aloof, robotic, and detached,
Not nearly as emotional a Democrat as we’d like,
Who knew when we elected the first Black President,
He’d take a page from “I like Ike.”

And now all that elitist, arrogant body language,
Will be tested in races come this Fall,
Maybe this time we’ll find leaders truly in touch with US,
Because we’re still electing them way too tall.

As we cast our ballots this November,
If warranted, yes, throw the bums out,
No room for entitled incumbents,
With eyes wide open, voters have the ultimate clout.

It’s easy to project superhuman qualities,
Magical thinking in hard economic times,
Been there, done that, elected officials aren’t saviors,
This time, no room for second thoughts and regrets down the line.

Karen Ann DeLuca is an attorney residing in Virginia.