Why is Wal-Mart spending millions to fight a $7,000 fine?

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The federal government, whose vast regulatory powers have led some businesses to complain they cannot fight back, has apparently met its match.

Wal-Mart has spent millions of dollars in the past year challenging a federal fine that was levied against the retailer after the stampede death of a temporary employee during a post-Thanksgiving sales blitz at a Long Island, N.Y., store.

The amount of the fine is a pittance for Wal-Mart — a mere $7,000. But the company says the the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, which levied the fine, isn’t playing fair and that the fine could lead to damaging consequences.

“OSHA wants to hold Walmart accountable for a standard that was neither proposed nor issued at the time of the incident,” Wal-Mart spokesman Greg Rossiter said in a written statement. “The citation has far-reaching implications for the retail industry that could subject retailers to unfairly harsh penalties and restrictions on future sales promotions.”

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