Alvin Greene’s campaign rap song: ‘Alvin Greene is on the scene’

Jeff Winkler (admin) | Contributor

Alvin Greene is many things: A Senate candidate; a family man; and an entrepreneur with unique ideas on how to revive the economy.

And according to a new YouTube video, Greene is also an accomplished rapper. Some of the gems in the song include:

“Some come together party people both red and blue/And don’t believe the rumors that just aren’t true/ Well Greene’s a new face in politics/and he don’t show porn to college chicks”

Is it more evidence of an actual campaign? Sadley, no. The video’s description says it was written, directed and rapped by Greene himself. But it was uploaded by someone named “virgiltexas” and the pacing’s much too fast. If Greene did make his own rap hit, it’d probably sound more like a Swishahouse production.


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