Keith Olbermann: A useful “tool” for conservatives

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If The Daily Caller’s ongoing exposé on the Journolist conspiracy has shredded any doubts you may have had about a left-wing media conspiracy, imagine just for a moment what the world could look like if these folks were left unchecked in their drive to control the politics and public discourse of the country.  Imagine a world where the conceits of Keith Olbermann become real.

Welcome to the “Countdown to Hell.”

In this upside down world the liberal nanny state would be in full force.  The so-called public good would always trump individual rights.  The irresponsible spending habits of California would be declared good governance.  Economic borders would be shut.  France would be the capital of the world and anything resembling personal responsibility would be thrown out the window.

In this liberal dystopia, the only opinions that matter would be liberal opinions; if you spoke out against the nanny state, world-leader-pretend Olbermann would tar and feather you on the People’s television network.  He would tell you that only his opinion and agenda matter, regardless of how logical a defense you put forth.  If you continued to posit reason and undercut his arguments, you’d be strung up and wacked like a piñata.

It’s not just us who thinks that Keith Olbermann is arrogant and out of touch with the lives of everyday Americans — even Daily Kos readers finally called out his antics.  In typical Olbermann fashion, like a petulant child who had his balls taken away on the playground, Olbermann packed up and went home.

Because Keith Olbermann persists on projecting his nightmares into our homes, we support Tucker Carlson and The Daily Caller’s mission to bring the established media to task for running away from covering the complex stories and sliding around the tough questions.  Their newly acquired website, KeithOlbermann.com, is an ideal platform to skewer the daily conceits of the media establishment.  In today’s 24-7 media cycle, the First Amendment should not just work for liberal opinion makers like Keith Olbermann; it should provide the same protections for everyone.

CivicForumPAC launched our own website, SaveKeithOlbermann.com not only to highlight our support of the First Amendment rights of Tucker and The Daily Caller, but also because we recognize that Keith Olbermann can be a useful tool for the conservative movement.  The nightly antics of Keith and his fellow elitists are a constant reminder of how awful things could be if we don’t rally to the ballot box this November.  For this we have to say thank you and keep yapping, Keith.

We welcome your suggestions on how we can use SaveKeithOlberman.com to help The Daily Caller continue to illuminate the nightmares that lurk inside the black hole of Keith’s mind.  Please send your suggestions to Keith@SaveKeithOlbermann.com.

Ford O’Connell and Steve Pearson are the co-founders of CivicForumPAC.