Topless Anna Chapman Doll turns Russian spy into action figure

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(July 23) — A new action figure will make your spy games a whole lot sexier.

Three weeks ago, it was “Dosvidaniya, Anna,” as sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman was booted back to her native Russia. Thursday, though, it was “Dobro pozhalovat!” — “Welcome back!” — as a new topless Anna Chapman action figure hit the market in the United States.

Though the real Chapman is still laying low following her deportation (except for some Facebook status updates), her 12-inch-tall replica is anything but covert.

The plastic figurine comes courtesy of Oxford, Conn., doll manufacturer Herobuilders, which scored a hit with its first product 10 years ago: the original George W. Bush action figure.

And just as the real Anna moved in fast company, the miniature topless Anna is no different. According to Herobuilders owner Emil Vicale, the Chapman doll came into existence only last week, when the company used a stock female body shared by another woman in its product line: (gasp!) Sarah Palin.


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