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Chris Wallace educates Howard Dean on the principle of cause and effect

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Here they are, talking about Shirley Sherrod:

1933: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

2010: “…and it was about to go on Glenn Beck, which is what the administration was afraid of.”

I think that if you’re going to claim Fox News got Shirley Sherrod fired, it does kind of matter whether or not they covered the story before she actually got fired. Before. After. Cause. Effect. Y’know, nitpicky little details like that.

Maybe Howard Dean has some sort of fourth-dimensional sense of time. Maybe he’s able to see how events can be caused by other events, even if they haven’t happened yet. Or maybe he’s just an easily flummoxed hack trying to cover for a White House that has completely lost its bearings.

(Hat tip: Big Journalism)

Jim Treacher