Which former sitcom star is Mitt Romney’s TV twin?

Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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This week’s lookalikes, actor Ted Danson and former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, come to us courtesy of an anonymous reader who saw the big hair and even bigger foreheads and couldn’t resist.

Our tipster got it right, especially when channeling Danson’s previous life as Boston’s beloved bartender Sam Malone on the hit TV show Cheers. Though given his Mormon roots, it’s unlikely Romney would have frequented Sam’s watering hole during his stint as Massachusetts’s governor. But the two men share that as well — Danson’s character was a recovering alcoholic and avoided partaking in libations.

Romney is of course well–known in Washington, but it seems Danson may be dipping his toes in the action, too. Just last week the actor visited the Hill to testify at a Senate Finance Subcommittee hearing his own pet issue-ocean pollution. Ironically, in his presidential race, Romney’s concern for a different polluted ocean made for one of his best campaign ads. Maybe he should have asked Danson to make a cameo appearance.