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While Jim Treacher enjoys the weather in Acapulco, other people will be trawling. Like Kill Truck: “My site is KillTruck, my twitter feed is kill_truck (that’s were I’ll be livetweeting The Real Housewives of DC and Meghan McCain’s upcoming “book”).  Smartest man in the room, Dan Collins, inexplicably allows me to contribute at his site, POWIP.”

I think Treach will approve of this post even though he isn’t a Mad Men fan.  I’d like to talk about Christina Hendricks’ body.  Via something called the BBC, “Does Christina Hendricks have a body women should aspire to?”

As a real woman made a real woman parts, I say yes!  And so does the British government, phew.

“Christina Hendricks is absolutely fabulous,” says Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone, who held up Hendricks’ outline as an ideal shape for women. Highlighting the “overexposure” of skinny models and the impact they have on body image among young people, Ms Featherstone went on: “We need more of these role models. There is such a sensation when there is a curvy role model. It shouldn’t be so unusual.”

While I’m pleased to share a dress size with the sexiest woman alive, that’s not the whole story.  It’s her measurements, which are rumored to be 38-32-38, that are most likely the key to her appeal.  The curves have to be in the right places.  Rosie O’Donnell is also technically curvy.  Is a Joan-esque figure really attainable?  Not according to body image expert Shade Adeoye,

“I would say they will be almost 100% disappointed, because her level of upkeep will be far higher than for a normal person. The kind of money you need to spend – on the gym, cosmetics or even new breasts – is far beyond a normal person working nine to five.  There is a possibility of getting this body by exercise and being careful what you eat – some people have ideal bodies without having surgery – but it requires a big investment in time and money. It’s a full-time job in itself.”

Huh?  Hendricks’ body type may take more effort than eating chicken fingers and liveblogging Bravo! all day, but it’s gotta be more attainable than this body by NASA

NOW, I feel liberated.

h/t PsstErika

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