Top 5 tasty foods with shocking ingredients

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We’re well aware that the terms “delicious” and “disgusting” are subjective. One man’s “Best Burger Ever!” is another man’s “Craptastic Beefy Abortion.” We know. We’re going by general popularity here, dishes that most of you eat, yet most likely significantly fewer of you are familiar with the production of. We’ll be avoiding things that only bug hippies, like RBGH, high fructose corn syrup, and any number of preservatives and dyes that are rumored to poison your chakras and muddy your third eye. We’ll also be avoiding bologna and hot dogs, because pretty much everyone is well aware that they’re made out of elbows and assholes, and most of us are cool with it. Seriously, using every part of the animal, y’all: It’s what the Native Americans would do, if we hadn’t killed them all.


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