Susan Bolton ruling on Arizona immigration law SB 1070 latest hot-button issue

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Jane Norton, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Colorado, had a hunch that by dinnertime Wednesday, conservative voters across the state would have heard about a federal judge blocking much of Arizona’s immigration law.

A federal judge blocked key sections of Arizona’s tough new immigration law, granting the Obama administration’s request for an injunction. Laura Meckler discusses. Also, Sarah Nassauer discusses why reality TV shows are being lured by vacation destinations in an effort to generate buzz among travelers.

She had a hunch they would be angry.

So Ms. Norton’s campaign ordered up a new round of robocalls, informing voters that Ms. Norton was proud to have been endorsed by one of the immigration law’s strongest advocates, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. The campaign had already called 80,000 Republican voters. Now, it planned to call 100,000 more, said Josh Penry, Ms. Norton’s campaign manager.

The calls to Colorado voters Wednesday night were just one sign that the federal ruling in Arizona is likely to ripple through this heated campaign season.

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