This is not about immigration, it’s about America

Heather Bachman Contributor
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While Judge Susan Bolton lays out the “Welcome” mat for the illegal immigrants to enter our borders, she is threatening not only our immigration standards, but also our standards as a nation.  Since the moment Governor Jan Brewer refused to allow ignorance of the White House to infect her state for another day, this was not about just about immigration totally but about what we wanted this nation to be.  We are threatened daily by outside invaders and instead of protecting ourselves, we fight within our own legislative and judicial walls, complicating every aspect of it and back bite ourselves while our nation crumbles.

Evading objectives such as requiring papers to be on hand at all times and police to have the authority to question a suspect’s citizenship risks our nation even further because not only can illegal aliens who cross the border now believe nothing will happen to them, they now have it in writing.  Hence, the following will be even more detrimental because they actually have a judicial authority saying not to worry about consequences.  This threatens the same things at risk and created the federal law in the first place.

Further, although illegal aliens were already a separate factor of society, now we are placing them at a higher juncture than actual citizens, if they weren’t already.  They do not need to provide documentation and will not be risked by the only authority who can assist the, as Judge Bolton implied, already overwhelmed national organizations that deal with the immigration issue.  One cannot also ignore the fact that this law in question was once a federal law that, as Governor Brewer and her state’s statistics show, was not in use.  Hence, not only are we creating a pathway, we are destroying the set legal border we created.

We are fighting amongst ourselves a failing battle which can result in nothing other than a further weakening of our nation. We are a nation built on legal immigration and instead of this fact becoming a pinnacle it has become an excuse for our systems to be abused.  As a result, the fight is no longer just for Arizona, but for our nation as a whole.  This is a federal law that was not being used and was revamped by a state who needed it for survival and was beaten back by the organizations and a liberal majority who were supposed to put it in process.  The majority of our national government has not only turned into a high school bully but an internal enemy who will stop at nothing to appease the only people who will support them in this challenging election cycle.

Heather Bachman, Political Editor of Parcbench.com and New Policy Director for Frontiers of Freedom, is an increasingly recognized political strategist and analyst and producer and host of the Internet radio program Heather on the Hill.