Chelsea Clinton marries Marc Mezvinsky in the wedding of the year

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A round of golf at the Red Hook Golf Course, shopping at the local independent stores or visiting the Haven Spa is usually the most entertainment Rhinebeck can offer on a Saturday afternoon.

But not today.

For once the eyes of the world are directed at the small picturesque town in the state of New York, home to some 4,000 inhabitants – and hundreds of visiting journalists.

It’s here that America’s Royal wedding is to take place – as Chelsea Clinton marries her childhood playmate Marc Mezvinsky in front of 500 guests.

And last night the streets of Rhinebeck were lined with well-wishers as the young couple were the guests of honour at their rehearsal dinner.

After weeks of speculation about everything from who designed the dress, to whether Al Gore would attend, the ceremony will finally take place at 5pm local time.

And with upwards of $3million spent on the big day, nothing has been left to chance.

In the absence of any real information, rumours have abounded, including one that Rhinebeck was an elaborate decoy planned by the media-shy Chelsea, and that the wedding would be elsewhere.

But this seems unlikely, with the amount of planning that has gone into the day.

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