Breitbart invited to RNC fundraiser

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The Republican National Committee will invite Andrew Breitbart to its rescheduled “big donor” fundraiser in Southern California, which had been set to feature the conservative columnist and online-media mogul, along with numerous California Republican politicians.

The fundraiser, planned for Aug. 12-14 in Beverly Hills, was postponed last week, a fact that was reported over the weekend by CNN, Politico and others and which led commentators to speculate that Mr. Breitbart had been dropped over the Shirley Sherrod fuss.

However, an RNC spokesman told The Washington Times on Sunday evening that Mr. Breitbart would be welcome at the event, set for after Labor Day.

“I don’t know Andrew Breitbart’s schedule for after Labor Day, but he certainly will be invited,” RNC Communications Director Doug Heye said, reiterating that the event “has been postponed,” rather than canceled as CNN reported.

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