Java Divas: ‘Where Hooters meets Starbucks’

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Who knew that a little coffee shack next to a gas station in Severna Park, Maryland could be so successful. The snaking line of cars waiting for Java Divas to open isn’t so surprising, though, when you find out what’s inside.

Perched at the window, ready to take your order, is a scantily clad, busty college girl, whose outfit depends on what themed day of the week it is. If it were Monday, for example, she’d wear an eensy military uniform. The rest of the week follows suit: fantasy Tuesdays, western Wednesday, back to school Thursdays, team spirit Fridays and bikini Saturdays. According to the owner, Brandy McMillion, Tuesdays are the most popular.

Customers choose from B-, C-, and D-sized cups for their coffee beverage (served with a red lips sticker), and profits reflect that they leave extremely satisfied, both with the staff and product. “Whatever you can get at Starbucks,” McMillion insists, “we can make it better.”

While Java Divas, which opened last November, may be the first “costume coffee shop” in Maryland, it is not the first in the country. Cowgirls Espresso — the inspiration for Java Divas — has locations in Texas, California and Washington state.

The employees at Java Divas seem to enjoy their job as much as customers do.  Lindsay Krebs, a 20-year-old junior at the University of Maryland College Park, remarked that she feels like she’s in “a sisterhood.”

One perk for the girls is that, unlike at other jobs, they never have to worry about being sent home for dressing inappropriately.