President Obama’s climate ‘Plan B’ in hot water

interns Contributor

President Barack Obama’s ‘Plan B’ for tackling global warming is under attack in the courts and on Capitol Hill.

Through federal lawsuits, two conservative attorneys general, a major coal company and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are leading the charge to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to write its own climate rules.

Key coal-state Democrats and nearly all Republicans are also unified in their bid to slow down the EPA via legislation — and they’re determined to force a series of votes on the issue before the next big suite of rules start kicking in next January.

“You attack it at all fronts,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), a leading advocate for stopping the EPA, told POLITICO. “You go the judicial route. You go the legislative route. I think this is important to make sure we are looking at all avenues.”

Bids to stop the EPA started even before the agency concluded last December that greenhouse gases are a threat to public health and welfare, issuing its all-important endangerment finding that essentially triggered a series of climate-themed rules under the Clean Air Act.

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