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Liberal geniuses plan to prove you’re a racist by burning Confederate flags

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TPMDC reports:

A pseudonymous liberal blogger in Washington state hopes that progressives across the country will show up to tea party rallies on September 12 and — if it’s legal — light up a confederate flag so tea partiers can watch it burn.

“I think that it would start a great conversation about race and about how it’s being used for political gain right now,” the blogger, who preferred to be identified by his online handle, “General J.C. Christian,” told me Monday. “I can imagine people showing up at the tea parties, which I’ll do at my local one, and the tea party backers will start explaining why [the flag] is about state’s rights, not slavery, and all that and basically hang themselves.”

Or, they’ll think you’re a dick for setting fire to stuff and calling them racists, a determination you’ve made through this rigorous logical process:

  1. Obama is black.
  2. Some people disagree with Obama.
  3. Racists!

Here’s “General Christian” making his pitch:

After years of shoving long, hard, steaming doses of tolerance down our throats, the libislamunistofascists are now attacking our precious flag, the Stars and Bars of our beloved Confederacy.

Well, I’m not going to stand for it. The flag means too much to me as both a Confederate-American and a teabagging patriot. It’s a symbol for all we hold dear: the right of a state to allow men to own other men, the right to apportion water fountains according to skin tone, the right to spread the word that being darkly hued is an act of subversion, and the right to point out that Obama is an African, just like all those black people.

I’ve put up a banner for a group that is holding a “Burn the Confederate Flag Day” on that most holy of Teabagging days, September 12. I’m going to keep it up, so you can join (website, Facebook) and hopefully disrupt the event.

I’d ask “Christian” to elaborate, but I’m not sure whether he’s stopped beating his wife.

One warning to anybody who tries this: If you manage to set yourself on fire, don’t you dare try to put it out. Because you might put out the flag too. And that’ll prove you’re a racist.

Jim Treacher