Dogs, cats and other critters take their turn at animal Chat Roulette

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(Aug. 3) — First it was Chat Roulette, a zany Internet phenomenon that paired random strangers for video chatting. Now, there’s a twist on the concept: Animal Roulette, a Dr. Doolittle version that creates face time between random shelter animals and potential adopters.

Developed by Michael Ayalon, is a 2-month-old website that aims to revolutionize the way people adopt pets. No more driving to the local shelter to pick out a dog or cat amid a chorus of barks, meows or tweets. Now, it can all be done online, quickly and in the convenience of the home.

Playing off the randomness of Chat Roulette, which allows participants to switch to another partner on a whim, Animal Roulette permits potential adopters to jump from animal to animal with the click of a mouse (the mechanical kind).

The first Animal Roulette, held on July 17 at the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton, N.Y., saw over 200 chats take place, resulting in 15 adoptions. While the event only featured canines, the idea is for future roulettes to be completely random — meaning any shelter animal could pop up on an adopter’s screen.

Tired of the dog you’re “chatting” with? Click a button — up comes a lizard.

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