Democrats pressure GOP on Tea Party Caucus

Pat McMahon Contributor
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Democrats began a push Thursday to press Republican congressmen and candidates to say whether or not they will join the newly-formed House Tea Party Caucus.

The effort, headed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is a follow-up to their effort last week tying Republican candidates to the Tea Party movement, which they say is too extreme and out of touch with the goals of mainstream Americans. Last week, the Democrats launched a “Tea Party Contract with America,” riffing off the 1994 document put out by Republicans which helped them win back the House.

“Our release spells put just what the Tea Party agenda will mean for voters in that state including well-know planks of the Tea Party Contract like repealing social security and Medicare, reversing critical reforms to Wall Street and our health insurance system, extending tax breaks for the wealthy and big oil and taking us back to the same failed economic policies championed by George Bush and Dick Cheney,” DNC spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine said in a statement.

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