Sarah Palin’s Alaskan Odyssey hits a snag in Homer

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During the filming of her soon-to-air Discovery Channel show, Sarah Palin encountered a Mama Grizzly that caught her by surprise.

The home video below, which performs an impressive bob-n-weave maneuver with a couple brawny men, involves Ms. Palin’s interaction with a Homer, Alaska woman who seems to be upset at the former governor for not “honoring [her] responsibilities” and becoming a celebrity instead of part of the political process.

Palin engages the “school teacher,” saying she has supported candidates who “understand the constitution [and will] to protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for a constitution that will protect some of the freedoms that evidently are important to you, too.”

They both agreed that they “probably have a lot in common.” And they both agreed that free speech is a great thing. It’s something even Bristol Palin can agree with consider that the cub gets in the mix, coming to Mama Palin’s defense when the woman takes a second stab at Sarah’s celebrity status.