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Levi Johnston continues to exist

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You know the story about the frog and the scorpion, right? The scorpion wants to cross a river and asks the frog for a ride. The frog says, “But you’ll sting me.” The scorpion says, “I totally won’t.” So the frog lets the scorpion hop on his back, gets halfway across the river, and then the scorpion stings him. As they both start to drown, the frog asks the scorpion why the hell he did that. “I’m a scorpion,” comes the reply. “It’s my nature.”

Same deal with Levi Johnston, except without the scorpion’s more likable qualities. Being a two-faced jackass is Levi’s nature, and it’s ridiculous to think he’s going to change. A mere month ago he was apologizing to the Palins for being a big fat liar. Since then he’s reconciled with Bristol Palin, broken up again when she found out he’s filming a music video mocking her family, there’s maybe another illegitimate kid or two thrown in there, and now this (courtesy of Variety):

Johnston will run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska — yes, the same job that propelled Sarah Palin to governor of that state (and later, the vice presidential nomination) — in a new reality project being pitched by Stone and Co.

“Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office” will center on Johnston’s newfound fame as the baby daddy to Palin’s grandson, Tripp…

Johnston, who describes himself as “half red-neck, half Hollywood,” said he hoped the show would correct what he believes are misconceptions about him in the media.

Half-redneck, half-Hollywood, all-@$$hole. Dude, even I have more self-respect than this guy, and I’m a blogger.



P.P.S. “Get him away from me.”

Jim Treacher