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New Ground Zero tenant insensitive to sensibilities of neighbors

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I’m referring of course to Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld! The irrepressible scamp has been a busy little tweeter this afternoon, and here’s what he just asked the “official Twitter account of the Park51 Lower Manhattan community center project”:

Their reply:

I just thought that was funny. The people who want to build a mosque next door to where 19 Muslim terrorists committed a mass murder think somebody else is being insensitive.

This is the part where I’m supposed to pontificate about how Gutfeld has every legal right to do this, it’s a shame that his detractors can be so ignorant and bigoted in America in 2010, etc. You know the drill.


Turban Cowboy is a strong contender, but I gotta go with Suspicious Packages. I also came up with Dune Buggers, but that probably wouldn’t fly.

Jim Treacher